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  1. Aloha Bill,

    It’s Miranda. I would love to come see your farm. I do private tours on the island and would like to add organic farm tours to my offerings. Please let me know a good time to come for a visit and what you charge per person to do farm tours and what days you offer them.

    Thanks so much,


  2. I am looking for fresh rhubarb. Do you (or do you know any other farm) grow rhubarb that would be available for purchase?


  3. Aloha. My husband and son and I are very interested in doing a work exchange on your Farm if you could please contact us. James and I bore our son Evan on Maui in 1985 while living in Pukalani. My husband is a 15 year Maui resident; and myself 5 year. We left when our son was 2. Our hearts are desiring to return to Maui and we are free to come sometime between June and July 2015; providing there is space and if you are interested in us helping out on your farm. We want to live back on the island again so even if this were a steppingstone to another place we would be most grateful for a place such as yours, to land.We would also consider long term if we all agree its for us! Thanks for your consideration. I have local references on Maui and we have been in our present rental house in Wa. State for 17 years but our landlord needs the house for himself and his wife. Mahalo for your consideration. We would very much appreciate an environment such as yours. ❤


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